Our approach

Our investment strategy, empathetic approach and collegiate culture differentiate us from other sources of capital and uniquely position us to help accelerate growth and drive value within our portfolio companies.

Exclusive sector focus

We are focused on Applied Technology. This covers a broad array of companies and gives us a deep and thorough understanding of the themes, trends and challenges that transcend individual industry verticals.

Growth capital

We provide flexible and tailored investment structures which enable businesses to quickly build upon their initial success and develop into widely recognised brands.

Maturing companies

We help accelerate growth in maturing companies that are on the cusp of scaling and have created a product or service that is proven to be attractive to customers and can be delivered on a profitable basis.

Active yet considered partner

Beyond capital we bring experienced resource through our own team, and our network, to help develop strategies for accelerated growth; to create robust and scalable operational and financial structures; and to generate shareholder value on exit.

Entrepreneurial culture

We have been operators - with external shareholders - and understand the challenges of managing and building businesses from the inside. Our true value-add is the ongoing nurturing and support we provide.

Managing change

As in many aspects of life, some businesses and management teams find themselves in imperfect situations. We roll up our sleeves to help effect change and provide focus to eliminate distractions and free up management to build value.